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Jiumenkou Great Wall: A brief introduction

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Jiumeikou, with the ancient name of "Yipianshi" or "A piece of stone", is one of the most important passes of the Ming Great Wall. Located in the west end of Liaoxi Corridor and the border between Liaoning and Hebei province, it is fifteen kilometers away from Shanhaiguan pass. Before Ming Dynasty, Yipianshi had been a main drag between Beijing and Fengtian which tadays as around Shenyang city. . In Hongwu 13th year of Ming Dynasty, an army led by general Xuda repaired the 32 passes of Kangping county to build the walls. In Jingtai 1st year (1450 A D), officer Junlaixue repaired the section from Xifengkouyi to Yipiankou. After that, Yipiankou pass was replace by Junmenkou pass, and the latter became a key one. In Wanli 5th year of Ming (1577 A D), someone wrote on the west gate of castle "The First Pass of capital east" which fully reflects its importance.

(Written by Little Rabbit, Photograph : Jingliqiankun2, Majun)
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