The Great Wall is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987

There are at the moment
some 690 sites
listed as World Heritage
by UNESCO for their cultural and/or natural significance,
27 of which are in China. Want to know more?

Listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987, the Great Wall belongs not only to China but also to the whole world.
Unlike other Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites, the Great Wall embraces such broad dimensions that nothing else can compare with. It runs across Northern China from east to west, providing Simatai Great Wall, Photo by Genxinprotection to agricultural civilisation and ancient trading routes. It spans the history of China from past to present, witnessing the rise and fall of powers and dynasties.
Many parts of the Great Wall are gone, a lot are succumbing to the elements. Some Great Wall have been buried by the desert, some destroyed by people. Still, the Wall stands silently, enduring the passage of time and greeting the changes of seasons.
If the Great Wall could talk, it would have many stories to tell. If you listen long enough, maybe you will hear one.

(Written by e99, Photograph by Gengxin)

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