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Jiaoshan Great Wall: A brief introduction

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About three kilometers north to the Shanhaiguan pass, locates the 519-meter peak of Jiaoshan. Flat and wide enough for about 100 persons, the peak looks like a dragon horn with giant stones standing on it. Jiaoshan is the first mountain peak of the Great Wall from Shanhaiguan. Therefore people call it "the first mountain of the Great Wall".
Build in Hongwu 1st year of Ming Dynasty, the Jiaoshan Great Wall is 1536 meters long from the Hanmeiguan on its foot to the peak Dapingdin. Most of the walls were built with mountain stone, and there were also some bricks and long stones. Its height and width are largely decided by the mountain. Usually it is 7 to 10 meters high, and 4 to 5 meters wide. On the cragged part, the cliff was used as part of the Wall. The narrowest part was only 2.7 meters. To the north of the Wall, the mountain is dangerous to climb, while to the south, the wall is very easy to climb. The Great Wall is the same precipitous as the mountain itself.
jiaoshan great wall
Jiaoshan Water Tower: Located on the commanding elevation of Jiaoshan, the 2-storey tower is in a four-prism shape. Its top is close to a square. With a total area of 49.2 m2, it is 10.4 meters wide from east to west, and 10.2 meters wide from south to north. On the top there are crenel, sub-wall, watching hole , water hole, etc. The inner side has a 1-meter flange , and has steps. The Outer wall is 5-meter protruding, and has two arrow windows. It is 1.9-meter wide in the middle, and 1.8-meter wide on both sides. The main rooms are connected by three 1.15 meter wide arches, thus recorded the outstanding architectural ingenuity.

(Written by Little Rabbit,Photo by Little Tiger)
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