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Hushan Great Wall: A brief introduction

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The Hushan section of the Great Wall.

The Hushan section of the Great Wall, which is the eastern starting point of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Great Wall, is located in Kuandian Manchu Autonomous county, about 40 kilometers from Dandong City, with the Yalu River to the south and the Yuan River to the west.

Covering an area of 4 square kilometers, Hushan Great Wall resembles a lying tiger, hence the name "Tiger Mountain Great Wall." Built of earth, wood and rock, it took more than 150 years to build Hushan Great Wall. Having suffered from winds and rains for more than 500 years, Hushan Great Wall was greatly dilapidated. In 1992, the central government approved a full-scale repair to the wall. Now, the renovated Hushan Great Wall includes 12 platforms and three beacon towers with a total length of 1,200 meters. Bangshan Platform is the eastern end, or start, of the Great Wall.

(Photograph : Lian Da)
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