::   长城专题 〉特别专题 〉《黄土高原 百年回望》 李炬追寻克拉克探险队穿越陕甘之旅

  黄土高原 百年回望《百年·瞬间》影展

Jiangtaibu, Gansu, taken by Sowerby, July 27, 1909. From Through Shên-Kan. Jiangtaibu is now part of Guyuan in Ningxia. According to the book Through Shên- Kan, there had been a recent rainstorm which left plenty of standing water. The expedition departed from here the morning after this photograph was taken.
Jiangtaibu is located in the east bank of the Hulu River and is 30 km southeast of Xiji County in Guyuan. The Qin Great Wall passes through here. it used to be an ancient military fortress. I have been here three times and on this occasion was blessed with the best weather. Thanks to Fan Zhiqi, the headmaster of Jiangtaibu Middle School, for helping me find the most suitable location for this photo. September 17, 2009.


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