::   长城专题 〉特别专题 〉《黄土高原 百年回望》 李炬追寻克拉克探险队穿越陕甘之旅

  黄土高原 百年回望《百年·瞬间》影展

The Clark Expedition is crossing the Yellow River. A wooden boat and a man, smoking a pipe. Niujiachuan ferry, Xingxian, Shanxi. October 29, 1908. Smithsonian Institution Archives, Image #2008-3067
Smoking a pipe and thinking back to old days by the Yellow River. On December 3, 2008, during my first journey, Sun Li and I arrived here retracing the location of the original photos taken by the Clark expedition, but forgot about this one. On April 12, 2009, when I came here for the third time, this comparative photo was added. The river bed is much higher than it was a hundred years ago. Photographed by Zheng Guang.


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