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2006-10-26 Thu

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发送 : 2006年10月26日 2:23:47
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主题 : Thank you!

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I am an educator in the U.S. soon to be studying "The Great Wall" with my seventh graders. We will all look into your web site to see your photographs and information. T …… >>

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2006-10-25 Wed



Somewhere I recall reading that there are 18 towers of the Simatai section of the wall, and Wang Jing Lou is number 16, so ... (unless the "eighteen" counts one on the west side of the reservoir) there should be two more past Wang Jing Lou .. …… >>

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Dear great wall
After I read some articles from the internet this morning, I think the great wall's vandalism and graffti problems are getting worse. The sections mainly for the tourists are preserved and repair(most near beijing). What about the oth …… >>

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2006-10-09 Mon

发件人 : Brendan Fletcher

发件人 : Brendan Fletcher
发送 : 2006年10月6日 3:03:19
收件人 : "trys71@hotmail.com"
主题 : Team of the Great Wall

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Hello Team of the Great Wall,

My name is Brendan Fletcher. My wife, Emma Nicholas, and I are hiking along th …… >>

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