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Somewhere I recall reading that there are 18 towers of the Simatai section of the wall, and Wang Jing Lou is number 16, so ... (unless the "eighteen" counts one on the west side of the reservoir) there should be two more past Wang Jing Lou ... Ju Xian Lou and one more, past Ju Xian.

In any case, whether sixteen or eighteen towers are in the designated Simatai section of the wall east of the reservoir, I am curious as to what comes next going further east or northeast just AFTER Ju Xian Lou

If I look closely at the attached photo, there are several areas which intrigue me. On the annotated copy of this photo, I have flagged some of those areas, and I am quite curious if you know anything about them.

In the foreground of the photo is Ju Xian Lou; then comes the peak with no tower, whhich I have circled with an "A"

Area "B" in the photo is not very much further east, and it of course very clearly has some sections of the wall on it, and very likely the remaining base only, of a tower. Does that ruined tower have a name?

Area "C" further away has a point which looks like it might be possible wall construction remains "c1" of a possible crumbled down tower.

Circled Area "D" has at its very top, what appears to be a TOWER, at a height which looks much higher even than the Wang Jing Lou! The very distinct straight vertical boundary between sunlit and shaded areas at the high point in that circled area could certainly be a tower. If that IS a tower, it would seem to be quite a majestic setting and a large tower, to be noticeable from the distance here.

Areas "E" and "F" are much closer to the Ju Xian Lou. In those areas the suspicious points are not so clear, but still could be ruins of the wall, especially in area "F."

Can you help me learn what comes after Ju Xian, and what is at areas B, C, and D in this photo? Also, is what I see at areas E and F more remains of the wall?

Is there a digital map you could send me which shows the area from the Ju Xian Tower to the "Area D" on the photo I am sending?

Fei Chang Xie-Xie!!

Tang Sheng Hua again (Walt Thomsen)

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