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  • The Great Wall of China Architecture and Geographical Information Database

    Welcome you to use v0.7 version! !

    What is this database used for?
    Welcome you to use the Great Wall of China architecture and geographical information database platform. This library is used to edit and collate the Great Wall fortresses, buttresses, walls and other wall building materials, and to connect with the actual geographical information for the study of the Great Wall. This system's first case application is "The Illustrated Beijing Great Wall".

    Where did the data from the database come from?
    This library has a wide range of sources, from the historical publications of a variety of research literature information, and also including the latest completion of the Great Wall resources survey information, and moreover dependent on the kind contribution of netizens. The Great Wall’s friends from all walks of life, with their own information status distribution and sharing with others enable the true value of these data sources.
    Note: The copyright of the pictures and rubbings in this library belongs to the original publisher.

    I have data, so how to provide?
    Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support!
    Firstly, you will need to do duplication checks, to determine what you want to send in this library does not already exist. The advanced search or list indexing function provided can help you in this!
    If you are sure that your information has not been entered in this library, then click 'New' to establish a record. Note that you need to log in first, and if you do not have the identity in the Great Wall Station, then please register your personal information.
    If you find that your information has already been published, then you are welcome to verify whether the information released by the previous volunteers is complete and correct. You will see a link to 'edit this material' below the information on the page, and if you find yourself in a place where you can contribute to this data, then please proceed to do so.
    The Great Wall relies on people to build it, so thank you for building this database!


    How many records are there in this database now?
    The information in this database is updated at any time, as it is completely open. Many volunteers are providing materials to it and many volunteers are also perfecting its contents. Here are the current statistics:
    Up to v0.5 version, this library has included the Great Wall from the past data 42,927, latitude and longitude data 16,694 and 90632 pictures.
    Click on ‘revisions’ from the menu bar and you can see the entire database of volunteers maintaining history. Click here to see the statistics of volunteer participation.

    Who developed this database?
    The database system design, development, maintenance history:
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.7 English Version:Rocketman, Mavis ... 2018.5.20
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.7:火箭人、晃晃悠悠 ... 2013.3 [ Release notes ]
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.6:火箭人、晃晃悠悠 ... 2013.2 [ Release notes ]
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.5:火箭人、晃晃悠悠 ... 2013.1~2012.2 [ Release notes ]
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.4:火箭人、晃晃悠悠 ... 2012.7~2012.12 [ Release notes ]
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.3:火箭人、晃晃悠悠 ... 2012.6~2012.7 [ Release notes ]
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.2:晃晃悠悠、火箭人 ... 2011.10~2012.6 [ Release notes ]
       - TheGreatWallDB v0.1:晃晃悠悠 ... 2004.4~5
       - TheGreatWallGis v0.1:火箭人 ... 2004.4~5
       - 架构设计:侠少、晃晃悠悠、火箭人 ... 2004.3~4
       - 图说长城构想 随手、吴桐 2002~2004

    All rights reserved.
       Note: Cover & background photos by: 司令

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