::   长城专题 〉特别专题 〉《黄土高原 百年回望》 李炬追寻克拉克探险队穿越陕甘之旅

  My Journey
Departing from the Twin Pagodas in Taiyuan, from left to right: Li Ju, Cheng Changjin, Shang Heng and Sun Li. November 29, 2008 

My Journey

    About Me
  • My name is Li Ju from Beijing. I am a freelance photographer and a member of the China Great Wall Society as well as being senior supporter of the Great Wall website.
  • The book THROUGH SHÊN-KAN REVISITING LOESS PLATEAU summarizes my pursuit and investigation of the Clark scientific expedition one century ago, accompanied by my friends. Hopefully readers can find valuable historic information through my work.
  • My journey is not yet finished. As more historical clues are gradually revealed, more research will continue. I welcome you to join in my journey and let us focus on that land in which our ancestors were nourished and where those simple and honest people live.

Happy children. September 5, 2009 by Li Ju. 

A village scene on the way, 1909 by the Clark expedition. 

    Events of Journey Traversing Shaanxi and Gansu
  • April 2008, I began to pay attention on the Clark expedition;
  • November 2008, the first time setting forth on the exploration of Shaanxi and Gansu; there followed in-depth study and revisits in December 2008, March, April and August, 2009, November 2011 and March 2012.
  • December 2009, a four-episode CCTV documentary "Through Shaanxi and Gansu" premiered on CCTV-1; and was later rebroadcast on CCTV-4 and CCTV-Documentary Channels;
  • December 2009, the photo exhibition "One Century & One Moment" was held in Beijing, Yinchuan and Shanghai;
  • June 2010, Two episodes of the documentary "Retracing the Journey to Shaanxi and Gansu" produced and broadcasted by Ningxia TV;
  • July, 2010, "One Century Encounter with THROUGH SHÊN-KAN" written by Li Ju was published in the Chinese National Geography magazine.
  • September 2010, photo exhibition "One Century & One Moment" was held in Wuhan Museum;
  • June 2012, the book THROUGH SHÊN-KAN REVISITING LOESS PLATEAU (English version, written by Li Ju and translated by Zhou Chuqiao) was published by China Intercontinental Press;
  • April-May 2013, the photo exhibition "China in Two Eras " was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil;
  • June to September 2012, the photo exhibition "Then & Now: Photographs of Northern China" was held in the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in the United States; Li Ju was invited to attend the opening ceremony and interviewed by several US media outlets;
  • September-December 2013, the photo exhibition "Through Shanxi and Gansu" was held in Shanghai Museum and Li Ju gave a lecture on "Now & Then: wonderful memories of images regarding Shaanxi and Gansu" on November 3.

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