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2006-08-28 Mon

发件人 : abhijit

发送 : 2006年8月28日 14:13:36
收件人 : trys71@hotmail.com
主题 : HI !

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Hi there,

Trust this mail finds you in good health and Cheer!

I would be in China from 6th September to 9th September 06. On return I am planning to visit Great wall of China. But I am not able to find a suitable tour which would fit in my schedule. Can you help me finding a suitable tour for my visit to Great wall of China.

On return 09th September 2006, I would be in Beijing at 10.10 am at the airport. And I have time till 8.00 pm in the evening. After that I will have to report at the Airport for my flight to Singapore at 11.53 pm.

Please help me find a Tour service which will tour me Great Wall of China in this span of 10 hours. [10.10 am to 8.10 pm in the evening].

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Take care

Best Regards


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