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2006-01-10 Tue

主题 : The GreatWall... Seemingly endless beauty request in

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发送 : 2006年1月10日 3:14:49
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主题 : The GreatWall... Seemingly endless beauty request info pack

Hi, My name is Marshall. I live in Ohio, United States. I just want to say that the Great WAll of China seemed so far away from me until I visited your site and researched through your pages. I am Amazed! The Great Wall is really an interesting stretch of history. It is awesome how many people from different time periods all and places all came together to construct such awesome structure all for the same purpose in thut together it ties together to form such a great piece of work known throughout the world.
I was so impressed with your web site that I have decided to do my 7th grade English reasearch paper on your great wall. If you have any information that could be considered "unique" in any way, would you e-mail it to me? I am very excited to bring this interesting information to my area and look forward to enlightening my peers with such history of the culture of China.

Thank you so much,
Marshall T
at Majik302@yahoo.com
302 East Sixth Sterrt
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

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