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2006-01-10 Tue

主题 : The Great Wall of China

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发送 : 2005年6月21日 3:45:12
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主题 : Re: The Great Wall of China

Thank you for your responses and for the web site with very complete information about The Great Wall and other travel options. It will be very useful for me to plan my next trip. I look forward to returning to China and to include some time in Mongolia and Tibet.
MS. JZ Barr

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发送 : 2005年6月20日 4:54:19
收件人 : trys71@hotmail.com
主题 : Re: The Great Wall of China

Thank you for your response to my inquiry. The 1st time I went to China, we visited the Great Wall at "Ba Da Ling". It was VERY impressive and a small group of us climbed the wall to the right of the entrance and continued walking until we reached a section with no people/tourists other than ourselves. That was very special! Please tell me if there is any difference in the structure of the wall at the other access points that you listed in your e-mail- - -"Mu Tian Yu" or "Si Ma Tai." Are these other places less busy with tourists?
Ms. JZ Barr

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发送 : 2005年5月16日 22:36:35
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主题 : The Great Wall of China

I was fortunate to travel to China in June of 2002 and was most excited about my visit to the Great Wall just outside of Behjing. I will be returning again in Sept of 2006, and would like to know if there is more than 1 location near Behjing for tourists to access the Wall. I would prefer a spot that is not very busy with tourists- - -if that is possible. Please let me know about any important reading material about the Wall. I hope to hear from you soon at my e-mail address Zjerilynn@aol.com
Thank you, Ms. J.Z. Barr

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