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2006-01-10 Tue

Re: photos

发件人 : Tracy Mayes
发送 : 2005年3月18日 19:25:48
收件人 : 杨 胜
主题 : Re: photos

The Great Wall Post
If there is any information that you feel is typically overlooked about the Great Wall, please let me know. I would be thrilled to include information about the status of the Wall now.

发件人 : Tracy Mayes
发送 : 2005年3月18日 18:39:41
收件人 : 杨 胜
主题 : Re: photos

The Great Wall Post

Thank you so much for your response and encouraging words! I am attaching the pictures I would like to use. I was unsure of the photographer for each. Could you identify the photographers? I would also like to make sure that it is ok for us to change them to black and white for ease of making student copies. Thank you again for your help.
Tracy Mayes
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From: 杨 胜
To: tmayes@newtonlearning.net
Cc: greatwall@email.com.cn ; zj@gm.net.cn
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 8:25 PM
Subject: RE: photos

Dear Tracy,

Many thanks for your visit on our Post.
We`d like to say it`s a good thing that providing opportunities to let more people know The Greatwall, especially its real status NOW. Any pics/photos in our Post can be used on any actions aiming of protections as well as educations, like what you are working on. But please do remember, NEVER use them for any commercial purposes, and for the reason of copy right and respection, please mark the photographer`s name at any time. In the mean time, please inform us which you selected from our Post.

Any further support you need from us, feel free to let us know.
Thanks and kind regards,

The Great Wall Post
>From: "Tracy Mayes"
>Subject: photos
>Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:20:39 -0600
>My name is Tracy Mayes. I write curriculum for a company that provides afterschool programs. I am currently working on a unit about China. I am seeking permission to include several photos from your website. I want students to get a full effect picture of the wall. Descriptions just wont work for the Great Wall. The photos would be for student/teacher use only and I would certainly credit them to the website and/or photographer. Our curriculum is not sold. Thank you any help you can offer!
>Tracy Mayes

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