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2006-05-27 Sat

发件人 : Knut Eirik Ballestad


发送 : 2006年5月25日 23:36:12
收件人 : trys71@hotmail.com
主题 : A new friend.

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Hello, my name is Knut Eirik Ballestad, I am 43 year old and very interested in the Great Wall. I have for some years been searching for something like your team but never found you. Despite several internet searches, this is the first time I see your internet pages.
Thank you for existing!!
I have a dream and a goal. I want to spend some years of my life in China, hiking the entire wall. Do you know if anybody has ever done that? It could be interesting to learn from whoever have done that.
Do you think it is possible? Will there be some legal issues?
I am a military offiser and quite well fit, used to live outside and able to protect myself in most ways, both from the nature and humans, as well as animals.

I guess I will get the oportunity to meet several of you the next coming years if you respond on this e-mail. This, my lifes expedition will not be conducted before eqarliest in 10 years. That should give me some time to prepare, including learning to speak, read and write some of the Chinese language.

I will probably need to have some help planning this expedition by people familar to the wall. Any intrested?

Knut Eirik

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