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2006-03-22 Wed

发件人 : Cathal Sands

发件人 : Cathal Sands
发送 : 2006年3月6日 16:26:31
收件人 : trys71@hotmail.com
主题 : Mortar in the Great Wall

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I am very excited to be able to contact you with my question. I am very pleased that you have produced your web site in english. Thank you so much. It has given me a chance to contact the people who may know the answer to my question. Your warm words in your 揷ontact us?page have given me encouragement.

My name is Cathal Sands. I live in Ireland. I study architecture and I am very interested in environmentally friendly and natural building materials.

Today抯 building materials produce a lot of CO2 when they are being made. If I design a building using many modern materials then I feel I am responsible for some of that CO2 which is damaging the environment.

I remember watching TV and I saw haw the Chinese builders of the great wall used a fantastic mortar. I remember it was very hard and was made from rice.
You can see how this is environmentally friendly. No CO2.

My question is.....
How do I make this mortar? How much water is used? Is lime used?
Would you be able to tell me the recipe or instructions on how to make this mortar so I can use it in buildings in Ireland?

This knowledge has been locked in the wall for thousands of years. Now that the world is waking up to climate change, it is important for our future to find new sources of power and ways to cut down CO2. The knowledge in your wonderful wall could offer You, Me and the World the answer to cement.

I await your reply and I hope you could help me. Maybe someday I could travel to china and visit the wall or possibly take part in a restoration project.

Thank you far your time

Best wishes

Mr. Cathal Sands

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